Our vision is simple: to deliver tailored workplace savings and benefits programs that pay for themselves.

We tackle the employer related issues that cost your business money. Absenteeism, high staff turnover, difficulty attracting and retaining talent. Our flexible benefits and workplace wrap solutions bring consistency, strengthen your employer value proposition and importantly, drive annual cost savings.


Vested is a collaboration between Embark Group and Mazars LLP, with the clear vision of bringing together the very best in employee benefits and workplace savings to small and medium sized employers. They bring size, scale and a full commitment to the employee benefits space.

Our low cost, high value solutions are directly aimed at employers with between 100 and 750 full time employees, those businesses we believe have largely been ignored by mainstream benefits providers.

Services delivered by Vested are:


Our solutions are as individual as your business and employees. We tailor our services to meet your business requirements, budget and demographic profile.


Benefits and workplace savings programmes that not only pay for themselves, but make you money, and contribute directly to the bottom line.


Build your employer brand and improve overall employee engagement. You will also benefit from our extensive experience and digital capability.