Our vision: to reinvigorate companies’ employee benefits through high quality advice, support and solutions for employers across the UK.

We focus on the medium to large SME market, primarily those in the growth or maturity stage of their development.

Companies competing in fast and dynamic markets require a highly engaged, motivated and productive workforce. Therefore, employers need to offer benefits that reflect their desired company profile and culture. Our services can improve your employee communications and streamline the delivery of your benefits, using technology.

We would be delighted to have an initial discussion, at no cost, to ascertain whether we are able to assist you.


Vested is a collaboration between Embark Group and Mazars LLP.

The employee benefits market in the UK is evolving; with a shift in focus towards solutions that utilise the very latest technology. At Vested, we adopt an approach that is digital, proactive and flexible.

Our main focus is the medium to large SME market (100 to 750 employees), although if we deem there is a ‘fit’ we can provide our services to businesses outside of this profile.

The companies we work share the same mindset: a desire to modernise, improve employee engagement and increase return on benefits spend. We will work with you to reinvigorate your approach, while ensuring complete alignment with your business objectives.

Our process begins by scoping the service required and agreeing on an appropriate level of remuneration. These details are confirmed prior to commencing any work, which in our experience is the fairest and best way to build long term relationships with our clients.

Meet the members our team, their specialist expertise, and the roles they play in supporting businesses like yours.